Health Benefits

Honey comes with benefits, which could touch lives of people of all ages, lives and backgrounds.  Notwithstanding what you are and where you come from, honey, in some way or the other, has relevance in your life and its healthy sustenance.  Following are some of its health benefits:

Honey has long been recognized as a natural remedy and has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. It has antiseptic properties and can be used as a remedy for ailments from sore throats to burns and cuts. This is endorsed by research which has shown that its bactericidal properties can be used to good effect in treating digestive problems such as peptic ulcers as well as external lesions.(see page on medical refrences for detaied bibliography).

For a soothing drink for sore throats, mix honey with the juice of half a lemon, add boiling water and stir. If you¹re feeling low, try a spoonful of honey as a pick-me-up. The fructose and glucose in honey are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.